Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club Game

Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Developer: Team Salvato
  • Genre: 📚 Visual novel
  • Version: 2021
User Rating: Rating 4.62

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Release Date
Sep 22, 2017
Team Salvato
Team Salvato
📚 Visual novel
Windows PC


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Charlotte Hall

Doki Doki Literature Club is a visual novel dating sim game where player takes on role of a high school boy who has just joined his school’s Literature Club. Club’s president is a girl by name of Sayori who is only member that attends the meetings. Sayori and the protagonist quickly become friends and the player can learn more about Sayori and her mental health. Player can also develop relationships with other girls in the club: Natsuki, Yuri, Monika. Software product Doki Doki Literature Club download is a free to play visual novel video game with a horror/psychological theme. Player takes the role of a male high school student that finds out about a school club that consists of four girls that write light novel stories. Player gets to choose a girl to join the club and get to know better throughout the story.

Player also finds out that girls all have some sort of mental disorder and finds out more about their personal stories. Application play Doki Doki Literature Club is an interactive fiction product developed Team Salvato. Game is available for free download on Steam. Software features a cast of female characters, each one with her own personality.

Player assumes role of a male character who is a protagonist of the story. Product Doki Doki Literature Club download free is a mystery, horror, psychological horror video game developed by Team Salvato. Software product is about five female characters with different personalities. Story begins with the protagonist, a male high school student who is the only male in the literature club, meeting the girls. App starts out as a typical dating simulator but quickly becomes nightmarish.


Graphics in Doki Doki Literature Club game are fairly simplistic and look like what you might find in a 2D anime. Some of the characters (namely the girls) have animated features such as blinking eyes and moving mouths. The backgrounds are simplistic and sometimes blurred, but they’re not distracting and don’t take away from product. Graphics in game are mainly from the conversations the player has with the characters.

These conversations are in a simple text box with a picture of character a the top. Player can choose a response from a list of options screen will change to a new picture. The way player interacts with the girls in the story is through a text box with a picture of the main character at the top.


Gameplay in download Doki Doki Literature Club is minimal for the most part. You spend your time reading the conversation between the characters with occasional choices to make. The choices you make can change the course of app and lead to one of three different endings. Gameplay in Doki Doki Literacy Club is very simple. Player gets to choose girl to spend time with and they have to spend time with her. The player has to do various tasks with the girl to get her to like him.

Player can do these tasks by picking different responses from the text box. Game is about a boy joining high school society called Literature Club (LC for short). Game teaches the player about the game by having read through game's story. Player will be asked to make choices that will affect game's story. Player will be able to play as the protagonist, a boy, who joins the Literature Club. Product has four girls (a girl with cat ears, a girl with short hair, a girl with long hair, girl with brown hair) as the protagonists.


Software Doki Doki Literature Club free is a single-player game.


Game download Doki Doki Literature Club free doesn’t really have much replayability because the only thing that changes is ending. Player will not be able to go back to product and make different choices to see the consequences of other choice because player will be locked into a single playthrough.


  • How do I get the game?
    You can get the game on Steam,, or via an online installer.
  • Is this app available for mobile?
    Yes, it is.
  • How do I play?
    The game starts with the protagonist joining the school literature club led by Sayori, who is the president. You can talk to Sayori and other members while writing poems.


Doki Doki Literature Club play is a simple but short product with a lot of replayability. Software product does have some disturbing elements, so it might not be best choice for young gamers. Is a video game that is free to download and play. Application Doki Doki Literature Club free download teaches player about game by having them read through the software story. Player can have different endings by making different choices on how to act on game.


  • It is a horror game with a twist
  • The story and plot is really good
  • The graphics are good
  • It is free


  • The game is really short
  • It is not as scary as it could be
  • You may need to play the game more than once

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